Vagus Nerve Masterclass online workshop in emotional regulation for anxiety and depression

Live Vagus Nerve Masterclass

 In this foundational 3-hour Masterclass (incl. Q&A), you’ll learn science-backed tools to regulate stress and emotions, build inner resilience and support your well-being. You’ll be empowered to deal with adversity by repairing your nervous system so that you can feel more at home within yourself.

Registrations have now closed - Returning in 2024

Live Vagus Nerve Masterclass

Learn science-backed tools to regulate stress, build resilience, and support your wellbeing in our transformative 3-hour Masterclass (incl. Q&A). Navigate challenges by repairing your nervous system, enhancing your emotional well-being and cultivating inner resilience.
Join our foundational Masterclass today, so that you can feel more at home within yourself.

Registrations have now closed - Returning in 2024

Jessica Maguire Founder Nervous System School teaches Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Practices to rewire your brain and improve health


You’ll learn why nervous system dysregulation can happen, how your physiology perpetuates this cycle and most importantly how you can fix this for improved emotional, digestive and physical health.


What you get: 
• 3 Hour Masterclass
• Includes interactive Q&A
• Bioplasticity training: 6 audio + 1 video practice
 • 12-Month access

16,000+ Students and counting


“The information taught during this Masterclass has given me such an insight into understanding my own nervous system. The way Jessica explains everything has joined the dots of all my other research and knowledge. The practices have been easy to incorporate into my life and I have felt real change from this class.”


Kerry, Previous Masterclass Student


If you (or your clients) experience any of the following, this workshop can help:

  • Anxiety, fear, emotional overwhelm or have difficulty switching off
  • Depression, feel stuck, flat or lack motivation
  • Digestive issues such as IBS, SIBO, pain, constipation or bloating
  • Chronic pain, aches or muscle tension
  • Autoimmune issues such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Have experienced trauma, high levels of stress or adversity
  • Long-term fatigue
  • Chronic inflammation
  • A desire to perform at your peak at work
  • A desire to build balanced, loving relationships
Nervous System School How to improve Vagus Nerve function

Receive a nervous system toolkit, packed with evidence-based techniques to enhance emotional regulation, resilience, and stress recovery. Empower yourself with effective tools to build emotional well-being and resilience.

Explore our comprehensive masterclass and discover the power of your nervous system. 

A teaching style that creates transformative change

Cutting-edge science

Uncover the latest research into the mind-body connection.

Bioplasticity training

Discover practical self-regulation tools that you can easily practice at home.

Live Q&A

The Masterclass includes a live Q&A where you can get your questions answered.

Are you a Health Professional, Coach or Teacher?


The Vagus Nerve Masterclass teaches you new science-backed tools to use with your clients. Nervous system regulation can often be the missing piece of the puzzle for many clients. Practices to improve the functioning of the vagus nerve build stress resilience, so that your clients are better equipped to deal with the challenges in their life.





What's included?

• 3 Hour Masterclass
• Including interactive Q&A
• Bioplasticity training: 6 audio + 1 video practice
• 12-Month access
  • Gain a new framework and language to understand the responses of your nervous system including fight, flight and freeze.

  • Learn to engage and work with your nervous system, rather than being overwhelmed by emotions and physical sensations. You'll be able to identify when you're dysregulated, and develop tools to recover more quickly.

  • Build a stronger partnership between your brain and your body. Your resilience will increase, and your nervous system will become more flexible and adaptable.

  • Explore the impact of stress and trauma on specific brain regions and the pivotal role of the vagus nerve. Harness the power of neuroplasticity to reshape your brain, enabling healthier responses to stressors.

  • Build a bioplasticity training toolbox that you can continue to use independently to help you self-regulate (we offer a range of tools suitable for different states).

  • Gain insights into the link between a dysregulated nervous system and chronic health conditions, while learning effective strategies for repair and recovery.

Live Vagus Nerve Masterclass 

Discover science-backed tools in our foundational 3-hour Masterclass (incl. Q&A) to effectively regulate stress, manage emotions, and foster inner resilience for enhanced well-being.

Registrations have now closed - Returning in 2024


Jessica Maguire


Jessica Maguire holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Physiotherapy. Her post-graduate study includes the fields of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, brain-heart biofeedback, brain-body medicine and transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation.

As a TEDx speaker and lecturer, she believes that knowledge is power. Jessica teaches a long-term, sustainable, profoundly transformative methodology of nervous system repair, empowering students to step into the driver’s seat of their own health and wellbeing.

Her aim is to create true freedom from nervous system dysregulation and all the painful side effects that it causes.

Jessica Maguire is the founder of nervous system school

Students love this course

"I don’t usually comment on social media but I took your last Masterclass and want to express how incredibly beneficial and enlightening it was for me. Thank you so much! I learnt more about myself in 2 hours than 10 years of therapy."
“I attended your Masterclass in September and found it eye opening, beneficial and life changing.”
"I took part in your masterclass this week and it just blew my mind!! I’m so grateful for finding you Jessica. I’m in therapy for nearly 11 years now and it always helped me a lot, BUT I didn’t really know that something on the physical level needs to change so that I’m able to feel completely better and free."
"This Masterclass has provided the missing piece of the puzzle in my quest to finding balance and emotional/physical/mental wellbeing. It’s truly been one of the most transformative courses I have ever embarked on (and I have been on a few), and the most practical… This course is a life-saver. Thank you so much!"
"The information and practises taught during this Masterclass have been essential in the management of chronic inflammation, muscle tension and stress. The class was highly informative, easy to follow and the practises can be used “on the run” in busy day to day life. I believe everybody would benefit in one aspect or another by sitting in on this Masterclass."





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