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Jessica Maguire offers courses and workshops about the Vagus Nerve at Nervous System School


We prioritise active learning. All of the leadingĀ research into neuroplasticity shows that the most effective way toĀ make lasting changes is to learn in a way that's embodied, experiential, and a little bit challenging.

Our courses offer a complete framework enabling you to rewire your nervous system from the inside out. *But* to create sweeping changes, you have to do the work. There is noĀ shortcut!

Rather than passively consuming the course content, we invite you to practice, reflect, engage with your peers, and embrace the discomfort that comes with learning something new. This is the pathway to growth.

The Vagus Nerve Masterclass is an introductory workshop about the vagus nerve and emotional regulation

Vagus Nerve Masterclass

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In this foundational Masterclass (incl. Q&A), youā€™ll learn what research has discovered about the Vagus Nerve and how it affects your entire human experience, especially following periods of chronic stress, adversity or trauma.

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The Vagus Nerve Program is a course in nervous system repair using the power of the vagus nerve

Vagus Nerve Program

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Discover the connection between your brain and body and how chronic and traumatic stress can affect your health. By focusing on the vagus nerve you can reduce anxiety and shutdown, as well as find relief from other various health conditions.

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The Vagus Nerve Program is a course in nervous system repair using the power of the vagus nerve

Nervous System Certification Course

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We're here to teach you a revolutionary way to understand behaviour through the lens of the nervous system. We'll delve into the intricate connections between biology, psychology and social factors, to help you and your clients navigate the complexities of nervous system regulation and empower you to confidently educate and transform lives.

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'Life-changing resources, you will learn so much about your body and mind."

Daisy, M., Vagus Nerve Program 2022 Participant









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