We teach you a profoundly transformative methodology of nervous system repair, that empowers you to step into the driver's seat of your own health and well-being. 


There is so much potential to change how the brain and nervous system respond. You can discover true freedom and autonomy within your own body. 

There can be room for both past traumas and a present moment with new possibilities. There’s room for new chapters of your story. 

Shifting from survival mode to a state of inner security and trust is what helps you live a life congruent with your deepest values. 

Your relationships will improve, you'll have the inner resources to make good decisions and you can live life without the extreme ups and downs. 

This is the place where you access your greatest thinking, creativity and innovation. And where you can offer your gifts to the world and be of service to others. 








Leading neuroplasticity research shows that if you want to make lasting changes when learning something new, it needs to be embodied, experiential, and a little bit challenging.


Cutting-edge neuroplasticity research underscores the significance of embodying knowledge, experiential learning, and embracing challenges for profound and enduring transformations.

Our courses are designed to activate your neural pathways through immersive exercises, self-reflection, and collaborative engagement with your peers.

Our signature Vagus Nerve Program includes exclusive access to aa private online community plus live Peer-to-Peer learning calls where you workshop the exercises in pairs or small groups.

Jessica Maguire Nervous System Expert and Founder of Nervous System School


From our Founder, Jessica Maguire


Nervous System School‚ĄĘ has not been an overnight journey. It started almost twenty years ago when I first began learning this science.¬†As a physiotherapist, I spent over 13 years of clinical practice and helped more than 20,000 people.¬†

I studied neurophysiology in Europe, America, the UK and Australia. I’ve learnt from pain researchers, professors in neuroplasticity, neuroscientists, and psychologists on how the brain and nervous system change from stress, trauma, and chronic pain.

My post-graduate study has led to further qualifications in clinical mindfulness, trauma-sensitive biofeedback, polyvagal theory, and the use of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation.

I realised that nervous system dysregulation from chronic and traumatic stress was the root cause of so many of the chronic health conditions my patients were presenting with.

I became inspired to give my clients the tools they could use for life and achieve true freedom and lasting change through neuroplasticity.

In 2019, we ran the very first Vagus Nerve Masterclass with a handful of patients. I could not have imagined then how this business would grow over the following three years. 

Today, the Vagus Nerve Program and the Vagus Nerve Masterclass have helped over 15,000 thousand students from all over the world learn how to regulate their nervous systems. They've improved anxiety, burnout, chronic pain, autoimmune and digestive issues. 


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Empowering communities and creating positive change


Playing an active role in helping shape communities and social networks is important to us.  

We have granted over $53,000 in scholarship programs to remove the financial hardship barrier that may prevent people from accessing support that helps the nervous system recover. 

We have also contributed to the organisations at the heart of shifting factors that can cause chronic and traumatic stress and may be able to prevent some of it occurring in the first place.

"Jessica provided an exceptional amount of content, and information. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to this work. After taking this course, I now have tools which I am implementing into my life."


Silvana M., Vagus Nerve Program 2022 Participant


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