Vagus Nerve Program

 An 8 week in-depth overview of stress and trauma, responses to it and ways to reset and grow.

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Do you...

Struggle with the feelings of anxiety or emotional overwhelm?
Experience a sense of flatness or shutdown?
Struggle with gut issues, insomnia or inflammation?
You're in the right place...
Nervous System Regulation Is For Everyone

Discover the connection between your brain and body and how chronic and traumatic stress can affect your health. By focusing on the vagus nerve you can reduce anxiety and shutdown, as well as find relief from other various health conditions.

A Catalyst For Transformation.

The Vagus Nerve Program offers an innovative approach to learning based on the latest research on neuroplasticity. If you're not familiar, this is the brain and nervous systems capacity to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections, which allow us to grow, change and adapt.

Unlike traditional programs where you passively receive information, this program emphasises hands-on, experiential learning that challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. This is a dynamic process that allows you to take an active role and ownership in reshaping your health.

By embracing the challenge that comes with learning new things, you'll experience real growth and transformation.

A Catalyst For Transformation.

The Vagus Nerve Program offers an innovative approach to learning based on the latest research on neuroplasticity. If you're not familiar, this is the brain and nervous systems capacity to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections, which allow us to grow, change and adapt.

Unlike traditional programs where you passively receive information, this program emphasises hands-on, experiential learning that challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. This is a dynamic process that allows you to take an active role and ownership in reshaping your health.

By embracing the challenge that comes with learning new things, you'll experience real growth and transformation.

Discover simple yet effective body-based techniques rooted in science and unlock the potential for significant positive change in your life.

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Welcome to the Program

Deepen your understanding of the body shifts that occur when you move into survival mode, empowering you to take control of your well-being.

Over 8 weeks, you'll expand your knowledge and utilise transformative neuroplasticity training, leading to improved emotional and physical health. 

This not only benefits your personal life, but also enhances your professional relationships and equips you for life's challenges.

Weekly Live Calls

Engage in lively discussions, Q&A sessions, and self-directed learning opportunities. Can't make it live? No worries! Submit your questions in advance and catch up with replays for valuable insights.

Theory Modules

Dive into six video lectures blending education and interactive exercises. Explore topics like the vagus nerve, brain, nervous system, self-regulation, stress recovery, and their impact on your physical well-being.

Onboarding and Integration Weeks

Get started with essential pre-reading resources, an onboarding process, and an integration week. These steps ensure a smooth transition and reinforce your learning.

Peer to Peer Learning

Connect with fellow participants, share progress, and ask questions in our private online community. Engage in live Peer-to-Peer learning activities for added support.

Neuroplasticity Training

Learn new techniques each week to enhance your vagus nerve's functioning. Explore postures, movement, sensory points, audio exercises, and breathwork with access to a library of guided practices.

Bonus Masterclass

Gain immediate access to the 3-Hour Vagus Nerve Masterclass upon enrollment to kickstart your learning journey.

And the best part?

You'll have lifetime access to all course materials! Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Community of Co-regulators

Support each other to manage your emotions and behaviour together collaboratively.

Why I created this course...

When I worked as a physiotherapist many of my patients would present with a cluster of symptoms. This ranged from anxiety, pain, insomnia to digestive issues.

Patients would often explain how they'd been through a stressful period and their symptoms had flared up. 

Nervous system dysregulation is a lot like the iceberg theory. These symptoms and the reactive responses we see in ourselves and others are visible on the surface.

These side effects might manifest as seemingly isolated conditions with no clear root cause.

For many, they can persist for years, creating knock-on effects in their health and life that lead to more discomfort and unhappiness, further decreasing their quality of life.

Below the surface, however, there’s a lot more going on, and if we don’t dive under the water to tackle those root causes of our physical, emotional or mental distress, we’re destined to keep putting band-aids over bullet holes. 

The symptoms above the water may not require treatment at first, but they're messages that your nervous system needs recovery, support and tools to help with regulation. 

The Vagus Nerve

In recent years our understanding of the human body's intricacies has deepened, spotlighting the remarkable connections between seemingly separate bodily systems. 

The profound link between the vagus nerve and gut health is one example. This relationship not only offers fascinating insights into stress and our physiology, but it also has far-reaching implications for overall well-being.

This passion has driven me to develop a new approach to educate others on the vagus nerve and it's crucial role in balancing the autonomic nervous system, empowering people to get to the root cause of their symptoms.

These three core elements will help you lay the foundation for impactful, long-lasting results when it comes to regulating your nervous system:
1. An Emotional Roadmap

Discover how to navigate your inner world, read physical sensations and emotions, and find your way back to feeling balanced and calm. This body awareness is the key to self-regulation.

2. Neuroplasticity Training

Confidently navigate through different emotional states, improve the function of your vagus nerve and balance your nervous system through evidence based resources that create lasting change.

3. Community of Co-regulators

You'll be supported by your fellow students and program facillitators to bring reciprocal and synchronised regulation of your physiology and emotions, as well as a rich understanding of your brain and body. 

Without these elements, you might experience:
  • ¬†Depression, forgetfulness, clumsiness, low energy even after enough sleep, and chronic fatigue.¬†

  • You can't relax or switch off,¬†you startle easily, have racing thoughts, prolonged anxiety or irritation, you're on edge, and emotionally reactive.¬†

  • Imbalances to your systems.¬†Homeostasis may not maintained, and you may¬†get long-term shifts away from your set-point.¬†

  • Conditions that persist for years, creating knock-on effects in¬†your health and happiness.

  • Personal and professional relational challenges where you are frequently¬†experiencing ruptures or you're isolating yourself.

  • ¬†Persistent gut health issues such as IBS, SIBO, bloating cramps and pain.¬†

What you will learn:

Week 1: Meet Your Community.


Live Peer-to-Peer Call: Get to know your fellow students and hit the ground running with active, experiential learning. 

3 hour Vagus Nerve Masterclass: build your foundational knowledge before we dive into the core modules of the Program. 

Neuroplasticity Training: Right from the start you'll learn self-regulation resources that balance your nervous system via the vagus nerve.

Begin to create lasting change: increased vagal tone (vagus nerve functioning) means less energy is required to manage your moods and emotions. 

Week 2: The Bridge Between Brain and Body.


Nervous System 101: You'll expand your knowledge of the vagus nerve and learn why it's the epicenter of the brain-body connection and the link to your physical and emotional health.

Partner with your body: You'll learn about your 6th, 7th and 8th senses and why their the key to proactively managing your emotional states.  

Roadmaps for your innerworld: gain insights into the emotions, sensations, thoughts, and behaviors associated with each state using roadmaps. 

Live Peer-to-Peer Call: deepen your insights through this experiential call. 


Week 3: Movement that Regulates the Nervous System.


Overcome Nervous System Dysregulation: Retrain your brain-body system to return to a healthy set-point rather than swinging up to the highs of anxiety and the lows of shutdown.

Listen to your body: Explore the profound impact of the bodies sensory systems, as well as the role of movement in regulating the nervous system.

Neuroplasticity training: this module centres around the postures and ways you've learned to reflexively hold your body, that may ingra

Q&A Session: This session provides an opportunity to clarify any doubts or confusion you may have.

Week 4: Sensations Within the Body.


Interventions for nervous system dysregulation: Start training your eighth sensory system for maintaining homeostasis in the body. 

Perception of sensations within the body. "Tuning in" to feelings and sensations, instead of suppressing or dissociating via different coping mechanisms, is foundational to good nervous system health.

Overcoming Dissociation: Techniques that are safe and effective if you've been disconnected from your body because of physical or emotional pain.

Live Peer-to-Peer Call: Focusing on brain-body communication largely carried out by the vagus nerve 


Week 5: The Vagus Nerve's Gut-Brain Axis


The gut microbiome and vagus nerve: Featuring the latest research on how the microbiota influences the brain, nervous, and immune systems and identifying what foods and training influence the gut-brain relationships.

Stress, trauma and the gut: Expand your knowledge and learn why a history of trauma can make you more likely to have digestive issues. 

Body-based resources: Expand your knowledge on the 'second brain' in your gut plus access the body-based resources that cultivate regulation.

Q&A Session: This session provides an opportunity to clarify any doubts or confusion you may have.

Week 6: The Vagus Nerve's Heart-Brain Axis


Building vagal tone: discover exactly how to train your "vagal brake" for a flexible, adaptable and resilient nervous system. 

High performance: why the vagus nerve impacts your ability to cope with and recover from stressors.

Root-cause:  Discover why medically unexplained symptoms may have a common root as a stress-related disorder. By addressing the root cause rather than solely alleviating symptoms, you can enhance conditions such as chronic pain, gut disorders, and inflammation.

Live Peer-to-Peer Call: Roll up your sleeves and put what you've learned into practice. We'll also dive into live training on the call. 

Week 7: Why Your Nervous System Is Impacted by Others.

The social engagement system: formed by the branch of your vagus nerve that connects your heart to the muscles of your face. This system explains why your nervous system is powerfully influenced by the people you surround yourself with.

The voice, music and play: experiment with new ways to move through ways you may be struggling to speak up for yourself or put yourself out there. 

Neuroplasticity Training: learn why the back and forth in communication (or lack thereof) can change the way your nervous system responds.

Q&A Session: This session provides an opportunity to clarify any doubts or confusion you may have.

Week 8: Create Lasting Change in Your Nervous System.

Peer-to-Peer Live Call: During the integration week, we will have our final with the community.

Real life-application: bring together everything you've learned from the program and then apply it to your real life. You'll be using active learning with members of your community.

Long-term habit formation: You'll learn how to set up your weekly routine, how to use different resources in challenging situations.

Full suite of Neuroplasticity Training: equipping you with agency and autonomy for meeting life's challenges.

Who would benefit from this Program?

Mind-Body Practiced

You’ve got great tools under your belt, yet you know that understanding nervous work is the missing piece of the puzzle. You may be a Yoga Teacher, Body Worker, Counsellor or you have already studied the link between the brain and the body.

Coaches, Teachers and Parents

You’re helping people create changes in their life and grow, and you want to understand how to do it in a nervous system-centred and trauma-informed way. You want to work on your own self-regulation to better support others.

Personal Growth

You know stress impacts your symptoms and you want to take a proactive role in managing your emotional and physical health, as well as gain deep insights into the responses of your nervous system. You know that self-regulation is something you want to work on.

"I absolutely recommend this Vagus Nerve Program with Jessica. Not only did she share a lot of information about the vagus nerve, the theory behind it, but also she shared a lot of tools with us that we were able to implement on our own, but also in peer to peer meetings that she set up weekly for us."
Joyce - Vagus Nerve Program 2022

"The best thing about doing the course is that I now feel a new sense of agency and that although I might not be able to control every situation, I have choices in how I respond, and those choices over time help my body and my mind to respond and react in better ways. I would say the vagus nerve program is challenging, enlightening and empowering."
Amy - Vagus Nerve Program 2022

"This course gave me true knowledge and tools to help and do something about my situation rather than suffer and feel trapped. I describe the program as valuable as it delivers on its promise. Some courses don't. Also empowering as it educates and gives a lot of tools and is also practical."
Bee - Vagus Nerve Program 2023

"I got out of this course what I would have never gotten out of a simple consultation with a healthcare professional... I can be sure that this was the right fit and that this is exactly what I needed. It gave me all the reassurance, and validation, that I was looking for as well as all the tools to work with it."
Margot - Vagus Nerve Program 2023

"This is a very practical and experiential program that teaches you about yourself in a way that other self-care and wellness programs do not. You really learn about your biology, inner processes, and the inner workings of yourself that impact...your mood, your mental wellness, your physicality...the way that you show up in the world."
Karena - Vagus Nerve Program 2022

"I just finished eight weeks of the Vagus Nerve Program by Jessica Maguire. Excellent, excellent course, incredible. This is the highest quality program online that I've ever experienced and I've taken quite a few online courses."
Mark - Vagus Nerve Program 2022

Your teacher, Jessica

Nearly two decades ago, I embarked on a journey into the intricate world of the nervous system. As a physiotherapist, I spent over 13 years in clinical practice, touching the lives of more than 20,000 individuals.

My quest for knowledge took me around the globe, studying neurophysiology in Europe, America, the UK, and Australia. Along the way, I learned from the best in the field‚ÄĒpain researchers, neuroplasticity professors and neuroscientists. They shared insights on how our brains and nervous systems adapt to stress, trauma, and chronic pain.

My post-graduate studies deepened my expertise, leading to qualifications in clinical mindfulness, trauma-sensitive biofeedback, polyvagal theory, and the innovative use of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation.

Through this journey, I uncovered a profound truth: nervous system dysregulation lies at the core of many chronic health conditions. This realisation ignited a passion within me to equip my clients with tools for lifelong wellness, leveraging the power of neuroplasticity.

In 2019, I took a leap of faith and launched the first-ever Vagus Nerve Masterclass with a group of patients. Little did I know, this would blossom into a global movement over the next five years.

Today, our teachings have impacted the lives of over 15,000 students worldwide. Together, we've journeyed towards better brain and physical health, conquering anxiety, burnout, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, and digestive issues.

How to know if the Vagus Nerve Program is right for you...

  • You're eager to learn about the different nervous system states and the role of the vagus nerve, plus how to utilise resources that improve vagal tone and regulation.

  • You're passionate about¬†the connection between your body and your brain and want to improve your physical and emotional health.

  • You're committed to growing your self-awareness through transformative work and recognise the body as a vital source of information.

  • You want to improve your personal and professional relationships and support others in their growth too.

  • You've¬†experienced the challenges of dysregulation from times of dealing with chronic stress and trauma in your life, and sometimes you fall back into these patterns of ongoing anxiety or shutdown. You want to learn to step out of these¬†so you can reach your full potential.

If these resonate with you, our Program can provide you with the training and skills to create lasting change in your nervous system, and hence your life. 

How to know if the bundle is right for you...


  • You're eager to refine your skills in recognising nervous system states and applying impactful education, tools, and resources that lead to lasting transformation.

  • You're passionate about empowering individuals to overcome traumatic stress and enhance their well-being.

  • You aspire to help your clients break free from long-standing patterns and thrive as a practitioner, coach, or leader.

  • You're committed to guiding your clients from unhelpful narratives to embodying transformative work within their bodies, recognising the body as a vital source of information.

  • You've witnessed the challenges of dysregulation in individuals dealing with chronic stress and trauma, and you sometimes doubt your ability to guide them effectively.

If these resonate with you, our program can provide you with the skills and confidence to excel in your practice and make a meaningful impact on your clients' lives.


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