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The Neurobiology of Calm Connections

Understand connection through a nervous system-informed lens.  

Presented by Nervous System School's Jessica Maguire and Madeleine Eliza

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Do you...


  • Often feel overwhelmed or drained by other people?
  • Find yourself reacting before you’ve had the time to think things through?
  • Want to improve the quality of the connection in your relationships?

If yes, then this workshop could help you.


In this workshop, you‘ll learn the latest research on how our connections impact our nervous system and why co-regulation powerfully influences our body and mind. You’ll understand why co-regulation is the antidote to the highs of anxiety and overwhelm as well as the lows of shut down and shame.


What’s included:

  • 60-minute workshop on the nervous system and connection
  • There will be a live Q&A at the end so you have an opportunity to get your questions answered
  • Experiential exercises for optimal learning

Who is this workshop for?


This workshop has been specially curated for the graduates of the Vagus Nerve Program and we’re excited to announce we’re also opening this up to our wider learning community! 

In this brand new workshop you'll learn:

  • How to attune to another person’s difficult experience without being overwhelmed by their emotions.


  • Attachment styles and the nervous system: the neurobiology behind each type


  • Why social connection, psychological health & physical health are all interrelated and the common neural circuits they use.


  • The neurobiology of stress & emotional contagion, and how you can keep your nervous system regulated around other people.


  • Co-regulation or co-dependency? Know the difference


  • How to be a coregulator for another person AND take care of your own nervous system


  • You’ll learn to recognise your own unique nervous system patterns in different settings so that you can respond rather than react

“Life-changing resources, you will learn so much about your body and mind.”

Daisy, Vagus Nerve Program Student 2023

Presented by

Jessica Maguire

Jessica Maguire holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Physiotherapy. Her post-graduate study includes the fields of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, brain-heart biofeedback, brain-body medicine and transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation. As a TEDx speaker and lecturer, she believes that knowledge is power. She teaches a long-term, sustainable, profoundly transformative methodology of nervous system repair, empowering students to step into the driver’s seat of their own health and wellbeing at Nervous System School.

"It feels like I’ve been let in on something that’s a secret source within my own body. And I feel like I’ve learned to drive my nervous system instead of it being on auto-pilot." - Dianne, Vagus Nerve Program Student 2023

Jessica Maguire
Madeleine Eliza

Madeleine Eliza

Nervous System School GM Madeleine Eliza is a senior leader who has worked with some of Australia's fastest growing digital businesses. She is passionate about human performance, leading teams through rapid growth and change, and the personal transformation that can occur when we step out of our comfort zone. With a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) and extensive training in the creative and performing arts, Madeleine is a huge advocate for play as a tool for expression and expansion.

"A rich program that dives into repairing and understanding the nervous system that gives you tools and knowledge to help yourself and others." Nicole, Vagus Nerve Program Student 2023






Registrations have now closed.

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