How Stress Impacts the Vagus Nerve
Stress takes a toll on our physiology and can change the way our nervous system functions....
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How Trauma Affects Our Eighth Sense: Interoception
Trauma can change the accuracy of your eighth sense: interoception. This is your ability...
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The Connection Between Trauma and Nervous System Dysregulation
Whilst a history of trauma leaves a footprint on your nervous system, it doesn’t...
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How Trauma Impacts Your Ability to Feel Safe in Relationships
Trauma may change the nervous system so that your ability to create and sustain nurturing...
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How the People Around You Impact Your Nervous System
One of the most potent influences on your nervous system is the people around you. Your...
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How Past Experiences Shape Our Nervous System Responses
Your brain and nervous system aren’t passive receivers of information –...
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Befriending Your Nervous System is an Antidote to Stress
Befriending and understanding the unique responses of your nervous system is a powerful...
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How Healthy Relationships Support Your Nervous System


The level of reciprocity that exists in a relationship is one of the most potent...
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How Nervous System Dysregulation Leads to Chronic Pain
Chronic pain is one of the most common symptoms of nervous system dysregulation. You...
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